Reduces Oil Burning
Reduces Smoking Engines
Reduces Exhaust Emissions
Quietens Noisy Engines
Reduces Engine Wear
Helps Improves Oil Pressure
Helps Improve Engine Compression
Helps Extend the Engine Life
Treats Both Petrol & Diesel Engines
Designed for use in both petrol & diesel engines & in mineral &
synthetic oils. Formulated to reduce oil burning & exhaust smoke
thereby reducing exhaust emissions. Kudos Ultra Advanced Oil
Treatment also reduces oil thinning at high temperatures thus maintaining
oil pressure. It also quietens noisy engines & reduces engine wear,
extending the life of the engine. Boosts & replenishes motor oil
between services. Ideal for older engines.

DIRECTIONS: With engine at normal operating temperature add to the
new engine oil at each oil change or between services to boost the
existing lubricant.

Treats 5 litres of Motor Oil
Available in 300ml Containers

For Noisy Engines also view LifterLube!