Heavy-Duty Adhesive Aerosol
Ideal for Bonding Interior Trim
Carpets & Upholstery
For Use in Cars, Boats, Caravans
Home & Industry
A heavy duty aerosol adhesive which gives exceptionally strong
adhesion for a wide range of demanding uses. Ideal for use in repair
and non-structural applications where a high strength bond is required.

DIRECTIONS: Ensure surfaces are clean and dry. For a strong bond,
apply a number of light coats on both surfaces. For a lighter bond
apply to one surface only. Wait a few moments for solvents to
evaporate then press surfaces together firmly working outwards from
the centre to achieve the best bond. Excess adhesive can be readily
removed by the use of solvent, taking care to follow the instructions.
After use, invert can and spray for a few seconds to clear the nozzle.

Available in 500ml Cans