Professional Heavy-Duty Formula
Stops Cooling System Leaks Fast
Hairline Cracks in the Engine Block
Cylinder Head Gasket Seepage
Stops Leaks in the Heater Matrix
Prevents Further Coolant Leakage
Lubricates Sqeaking Water-Pumps
Contains Anti-Corrosion Inhibitors
Mixes with All Types of Anti-Freeze
Special Non-Clogging Formulation
Full Unconditional Guarantee
A special non-clogging formula which can stop & prevent coolant leaks
in the radiator & cooling system. This heavy-duty product can also stop
& prevent leakage from hairline cracks in the engine block & head gasket
seepage. It also contains anti-squeak lubricants & will mix with all types
of antifreeze. It also contains rust & corrosion inhibitors to protect the
entire cooling system. It is so good we offer a money back guarantee on
every bottle. Highly concentrated formulation which can treat systems
up to 28 litres capacity.

1. Top up cooling system with water allowing space for Kudos Radiator
2. Adjust heater control to maximum heat.
3. Run engine until warm.
4. Shake can thoroughly.
5. Add contents to radiator.
6. Run engine for 5 minutes.
7. Re-check coolant level & top-up with water when cool.

Available in 300ml Containers