LifterLube & Conditioner
Helps Correct
Helps Keep Hydraulic Valve Lifters
Working Correctly between Oil Changes
Contains Strong Anti-Wear Agents
Quietens Noisy Hydraulic Tappets
Frees Sticking Hydraulic Valve Lifters
Helps Prevent Deposits & Sludge Build-up
Combats Internal Varnish & Contaminates
Corrects & Conditions During Operation
Kudos LifterLube & Conditioner has been specially formulated to help
prevent and correct sticking hydraulic valve lifters. Will also help to
quieten noisy hydraulic tappets. Combats the build-up of harmful
varnish, sludge and other engine deposits between oil changes.
Contains Metal Conditioners which provide extra engine protection.

DIRECTIONS: For best results, flush the engine using Kudos Engine
Oil Flush & Conditioner
, drain and refill with new oil then add Kudos
LifterLube. Use after each oil change.

Available in 300ml Containers