Radiator Flush
Clean Quickly in One Step
Remove Rust, Scale & Sludge
Prevent Overheating
Restore Coolant Flow
Restore Heat Transfer Efficiency
Cleans in as little as 10 minutes
Harmless to Aluminium Blocks
Safe With All Components
Treats up to 15 Litre Capacity
Kudos Radiator Flush is a fast, heavy-duty, one step cleaner which has
been formulated to quickly remove rust, scale, grease, sludge & oil
deposits from the entire cooling system. Quickly restores coolant flow &
heat transfer efficiency. Fully compatible with all cooling system
components including aluminium engine blocks, rubber hoses & also
works safely in plastic radiators. Recommended for use when replacing
coolant, antifreeze or new parts.

DIRECTIONS 1. Drain the radiator & refill with fresh water allowing
space for Kudos Radiator Flush.
2. Add contents to the radiator & replace the radiator cap. 3. Adjust
heater control to maximum heat & run engine at full operating temperature
for 10 minutes. Alternatively the vehicle may be driven for up to 50 miles
if necessary. 4. Stop engine and allow to cool slightly. Open drain plugs
or remove hoses & fully drain the system. Flush system with fresh water
until clear & allow to drain completely.
5. Close drain plugs or replace hoses & refill system with
6. Run engine until warm & check for any leaks.
7. Re-check coolant level & top-up with water when cool.

Available in 300ml Containers