Excel Oil Supplement
Contains Metal Conditioners To Reduce Engine Wear
Contains Extreme Pressure Agents
Reduces Engine Wear
Helps Prevent Sludge & Acid Build Up
Boost & Replenish Lubrication
Helps Improve Power Output
Helps Improve Fuel Economy
Ideal for Both Petrol & Diesel Engines
Excellent for Overhead Camshafts
Ideal for Performance Engines
Specially designed for use in both petrol & diesel engines & in mineral &
synthetic oils. Formulated with extreme pressure agents (metal
conditioners) which prevent metal-to-metal contact thereby reducing
friction & engine wear. Kudos Excel also reduces oil thinning at high
temperatures thus maintaining oil pressure & prevent sludge & acid build
up caused by oil oxidisation. Boosts & replenishes motor oil between

DIRECTIONS: Add to the new engine oil at each oil change or between
services to boost & replenish the existing lubricant. Treats 5 litres of
Motor Oil.

Available in 250ml Containers