Fast Evaporating Formula
Helps Lay Harmful Brake Dust
Leaves No Residue
Reduces Brake Squeal
Removes Oil, Grease & Brake Fluid
Degreases Metal & Glass Surfaces
Harmless to Rubber Components
Contains No Tric. 1.1.1.
Kudos fast evaporating Option-B Brake Cleaner is a safe, non-
chlorinated multi-purpose spray specially formulated to help lay harmful
brake dust, leaving no residue. Corrects brake squeal, quickly removes
fluids, grease and oil. Can also be used to clean contaminated clutches,
electric motors, starters and switches. Ideal for degreasing glass and
metal surfaces prior to applying adhesives. Safe for use on rubber and
neoprene parts and contains NO Tric. 1.1.1. Conforms to current
Health and Safety requirements thereby safeguarding our mechanics
health whilst at work.

Available in:
150ml & 400ml Aerosol Cans
also 25ltr Containers